25/03/23: Satya Films in Nicaragua


Satya director, Sky, was in Nicaragua for 10 days in February 2023 shooting and directing a film for education platform Lyfta.

Our film, Making Waves: The Mermaids of Popoyo, follows the Sirenetas de Popoyo (@sirenitassurfclub) – a beautiful and vital project that empowers and inspires girls through surfing, swimming and education.

In a male dominated culture typical of Nicaragua,  surfing is “not for girls”, Belgium born surf instructor Isabelle and Costa Rican psychologist Catalina, decided to change the all male line up at the surf breaks they found and started a surf club just for the local girls.

Sirenitas de Popoyo was started in 2017 with the goal of using surfing as a tool to build confidence and self-empowerment, and to provide a space for girls to overcome their fears and discover their own strength.

“The initial goal was to get more local Nicaraguan girls in the water; surfing and enjoying the wonders of the ocean, but it transformed into so much more…”

The project needs funds to keep their vital work going. Please check out the project and consider donating- www.sirenetassurfclub/suppport

Lyfta is an education platform that “invites students to experience different cultures and perspectives. It gives them the opportunity to see and connect with positive human stories from around the world…”