Satya Filmmakers are bold and creative story tellers.

Satya Films was founded by Sky Neal  in 2013. Sky grew up in the deepest depths of West Cornwall,  later working between Cornwall and London.  Both places have influenced and shaped the direction of Satya Films.

Sky has a strong background in both anthropology and performance which makes Satya a unique and specialised company, excelling at capturing both the heart and the creative vision of a story. We have travelled all corners of the globe telling stories of resistance, human rights, social justice, identity, creativity, empowerment.

Our grounding in anthropology gives us a value system based on empowerment and respect, and collaboration is at the heart of our work. We are dedicated  to celebrating the brilliance and diversity of being a human, whist always pushing the creative boundaries of filmmaking.

Our skill, sensitivity and experience working with both clients and contributors leads to intimate, insightful and creatively outstanding work.

Our team and current collaborators

Sky Neal

Founder and Creative Director of Satya Films

Melissa Warren

Editor, Development Producer, Writer, Satya Films

James Hughes

Cinematographer, freelance

Dara McLarnon

Editor, Sound Designer, Cara Mamma

Lindsey Dryden

Executive Producer, Cara Mamma

Charlie Philips

Executive Producer, Cara Mamma

Anson Hartford

Executive Producer: various projects

‘It is always a pleasure to share the creative space with Sky. I enjoy her clarity of mind, professionalism, and her humanity in capturing images through the lens.

Scarabeus Theatre

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