Daisy Chain: Guardian News and Media


Daisy Chain is a character led, short documentary portraiting St Just in West Cornwall.  the first and last town in England. Small and remote yet leading the way in its remarkable community efforts to deal with the challenges of Covid 19.

One woman, Daisy, has rallied an army of volunteers to ensure that no one will slip through the net, and shop keepers, farmers and fishermen have pulled together.

We will follow Daisy and the community as they shape meaning and value over time, and finally negotiate the return to ‘normal’ as lock down ends.  We will see the reshaping and realigning of a community as they embed the values that have emerged from this difficult time with genuine goals towards a more sustainable, community focused future. 

Director: Sky Neal 

Camera: Sky Neal, Morgan Lowndes 

Editor: Robin Simpson 

Commissioning Editor: Lindsay Poulton 

Commissioned by Guardian News and Media