Even When I Fall official selection, Las Cruces International Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce that Even When I Fall will be screening at Las Cruces International Film Festival in New Mexico, USA.


To Recognize Creative Film-making: 

The Las Cruces International Film Festival (LCIFF) is progressing the community priority to make Las Cruces artistically and economically richer; a vibrant, diverse, inclusive place where people want to live, work and visit. Partnering with NMSU, the LCIFF may embrace innovation in teaching and learning, provide diversity and creativity while promoting a sustainable and prosperous community.

We recognize the positive effect the creative filmmaking industry has on individuals; providing enjoyment, enlivening spaces and enriching lives. Film Festivals add to the overall culture and makes places distinctive, engendering pride in the local and surrounding communities. It also makes a practical contribution in terms of sustainability, providing employment, encouraging learning and inspiring people to adopt creative and diverse lifestyles. Through the university environment, we are able to provide a bridge for students to experience independent films, experience the process behind what filmmakers do first hand, and provide the potential for job pathways within the filmmaking industry in our community.

Through culture, communities are better able to engage young people in constructive activity and attract the people and businesses essential for a prosperous local economy. Student engagement is both a road to better community results and a positive in itself. Students participating in the LCIFF develop research, leadership, community organizing, and decision-making skills working with hands on industry professionals through multiple learning channels.