Lessons from a Small Town: How St Just adapted to survive COVID and lock downs.


Producer and Director: Sky Neal

Cinematography: Sky Neal

Additional cinematography: Morgan Lowndes

Editors: Robin Simpson and Melissa Warren

Music: Nick Harpley

Executive Producers for The Guardian: Lindsay Poulton, Jess Gormley

Commissioned by Guardian Documentaries

Play time

17 minutes


When the remote town of St Just, Cornwall, was locked down in March, the small community worried that its economy wouldn’t survive. But one town councillor, Daisy Gibbs, rallied an army of volunteers to form ‘the Daisy chain’, an informal support network to ensure every household in the district had support.

Inspired by her imagination and resilience, filmmaker Sky Neal followed the Daisy Chain for seven months, as local businesses adapted and the community pulled together to realise a more sustainable future. However, as a second wave of restrictions threatens, the town has to dig deep to find the resilience they need to ensure their future. Can they re-invent their local economy to survive and thrive beyond Covid?

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