An extraordinary cast of dancers, actors and aerialists coalesque around and interact with a flow of abstract and haunting projected imagery. The role of the video art in this piece was to add intimate dimensions, conflicts and abstractons to help tell the story inspired by the tumultuous relationship between Ted Hughes and Silvia Plath in this 45 minute show.


Video projections created by Sky Neal

Choreography: Robyn Simpson.


About the Show

Delving into the highs and lows of a tumultuous relationship between poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath through an exploration of pivotal moments that can define a lifetime.

‘He wanted a mother of halva.
She wanted the hill-stream tabula rasa.
He wanted the
thread-end of
So they ransacked each other’

Folktale – Ted Hughes

We fall, we drop, we fly. We can reach, and be caught; sometimes we catch hold of another person; sometimes we connect, there is intimacy… Sometimes we miss each other all together.

Bungee and static line duets, low flying vertical dance, corde lisse, dance, film, animation and text are used to explore internal and external dynamics of relationships.