Hypatia Trust: The Musical Women of Flora Day


This film is told through the lens of three musical women from three different generations bound together by their love of Flora Day. Flora day, Cornwall, is a living celebration that shifts and changes over time, and the songs, music and dances are the beating heart of the festival.

We will gain a unique insight into the power of Flora Day, and see how it reverberates meaning through its generations. We will also see how the festival is itself a dynamic space that can be challenged and reshaped by these musical women. A colourful and experiential film that will evoke myths, history and magic to highlight women's key roles in this rich and vital heritage.

Director, Cinematography  Sky Neal 



The Hypatia Trust was formed to collect, and make available, published and personal documentation about the achievements of women in every aspect of their lives. Central to activities has been the care, development and re-distribution of the Hypatia Collection, a unique set of sub-collections of books, artefacts, and archives, by and about women.