Satya director, Sky Neal, has a rich background in performing arts including using performing arts as a tool for education, collaboration and transformation.

Her creative work often emerges from the intersection of anthropology, performance art and film with a focus on bridging gaps, connecting communities, providing a platform and starting conversations.



Fall to Fly

Scarabeus Theatre: Fall to Fly

R&D with Scarabeus Aerial Theatre researching and investigating issues of self harming amongst young women in the UK.

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a Million Minutes Festival, Archway

Paradise Lost?

A video art installation that was projected onto the iconic Archway Tower, London, for one week culminating in a dramatic aerial performance.

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Male dancer

Interlope: Inverted Theatre

Show reel : A highly amusing but candid look at how even the strongest bonds of friendship are tested when a newcomer arrives on the scene.

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Orange vertical dancer

The Love Pet

Interactive visual projections for performance that explored the tumultuous relationship between Ted Hughes and Silvia Plath.

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