Even When I Fall - hands clasping


Satya Filmmakers are bold and creative story tellers. 

We work with a diverse range of clients and produce honest, intimate and beautiful work.

We create films for broadcast, online platforms, research and design agencies, public and private sector organisations, charities, museums, galleries, performing arts and dance companies.


The Guardian: Daisy Chain - Lessons from a Small Town

A portrait of a community during Covid 19.

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Owen's story - still from the film

100,000 Genomes Project (NHS): Owen's story

A documentary about 5-year-old Owen, who has a rare genetic disorder.

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Science Museum: Communication in Cameroon

A documentary exploring the relationship between the talking drum and modern communication technology.

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Flying families

Scarabeus Theatre: Flying Families

A Filmic journey over two years following Lottery funded Flying Families project.

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children in circus

Al Jazeera English: Nepal's Lost Circus Children

An NGO travels from Nepal to India to rescue six children trapped in a circus where they had been sold into slavery.

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BBC: Children at work

A series exploring the huge work force of children around the world.

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