Dennis Wheatley with sound kit in Nepal


Sky is a real talent. She combines the filmmaking and editing skills of a professional documentary filmmaker and know-how of a trained ethnographer. She has the ability to make people from all walks of life feel at ease, open up and discuss sensitive issues which she captures beautifully on film.
Nick Leon, Naked Eye Research

Satya Films provides specialist, immersive, ethnographic research methods capturing real moments and real stories.

We create engaging ethnograpic films for leading research companies, design companies and 1st, 2nd and 3rd sector organisations. We help to put real human experience at the heart of policy making, communication, design, evaluation and legacy building.

Intimate participant journeys shape our field work, and our documentaries resonate with insight, authenticity and human truths. 

 Much of the research work we produce is sensitive and for internal purposes only. Please get in touch if you would like to see further examples or discuss a project.

Owen's story - still from the film

Owen's Story: A participant study

5 year old Owen has a rare genetic disorder. This documentary follows the family's journey as participants in the 100,000 Genomes project.

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Fall to Fly

Fall To Fly: Research and development

A thought provoking R&D with Scarabeus Aerial Theatre researching and investigating the challenging issue of self harming amongst young women in the UK.

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outreach kids

Child Resue Nepal: Rehabilitation through the arts

Research and consultancy to establish a participant led creative programme with survivors of human trafficking in Nepal.

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Met Mayday Colonel

In Our Bones: An ethnographic study of the Obby Oss Festival in Padstow, Cornwall

Why is the Padstow Obby Oss festival so meaningful to its community, and how can this level of meaning be identified within a persons life time?

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Open Health logo

Open Health: patient centred research

Experiences of patients suffering from Venous thromboembolism and drainage systems post mastectomy.

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Hillmead School

A New Direction: Leadership training and evaluation within education

How can children find their voice, become leaders and how can teachers support this process?

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North Cornwall

The Truth about the West: branding research

In the contemporary context of the UK, what is the relationship between one's sense of identity and one's sense of place in southwestern UK?

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