Rehabilitation through the Arts: CHILD RESCUE NEPAL CHARITY

In 2018 The Even When I Fall film team, Circus Kathmandu and FSI Worldwide were awarded a grant by Comic Relief to provide outreach throughout the most vulnerable areas of Nepal combining screenings, live performance and education.


Sky Neal

Play time

3 minutes


Satya director, Sky Neal worked over several years with NGO The Esther Benjamins Trust (now Child Rescue Nepal) and Freedom Matters. She drew upon her skills in filmmaking, ethnographic research, creative education and consultancy to support the NGO in setting up a performing arts based rehablilitation programme for young survivors of human trafficking.

This culminated in the formation of Circus Kathmandu, a professional social enterprise offering performance and community outreach to raise awareness around migration and modern slavery. The documentary, Even When I Fall, follows the journey of Circus Kathmandu and now features as part of their community and engagement work.